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Burn WeedThe Green Doctor, ATTENTION GREEN DOCTOR CLIENTS, If you are seeing this weed in your lawn this is called BurnWeed or AMERICAN FIREWEED. This weed cannot be preemerged for reliably with current preemergence sciences and it germinates in your thatch while your preemergence has sunk deeper into the ground. Expect this to last naturally for a month then it is gone normally around the 1st-5th of June. If you see this is your lawn feel free to call us or submit a contact request and we will send someone out to spray for these obnoxious weeds. They should wilt and begin to pass in a few days.


New Organic 6-Step ProgramThe Green Doctor is licensed and insured. We provide the highest level of care and attention to your lawn. Our specialist emphasize quality and personalized customer service from the initial consultation. If we notice any problems, we will alert you and let you know what can be done to help keep your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

We have three programs:

    Lawn Care
  • 9-Step Lawn Care Program
  • 6-Step Tree and Shrub program
  • NEW Organic 6-Step Lawn Care Program
  • Aeration, Irrigation, Lime, Insect Control
  • Ant controlIrrigationAeration Services

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1. We love the opportunity to work with you and your family and to help keep your turfgrass thick and healthy.
2. We value your lawn and will do what is required to take better care of it than any competitor.
3. We guarantee beautiful results. 
4. Regardless of the turf type you have we treat your lawn according to its needs. 
5. Our research sets us apart from the competition in quality. 
6. Only with the Green Doctor will you receive Soil Conditioner, PH Balancing at no additional charge with our full program. 
7. Thank you to all our clients that have made our business possible all these years!

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